Malta Book Festival


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The Malta Book Festival, held yearly, is the most important book event in the Maltese calendar. During this event, all of Malta’s publishers, authors, bookshops and other entities related to books in some way or another come together under one roof to showcase their new material. For a good number of years, this event has been a major book sales event.

In 2013, in its efforts to change the image of the ‘Book Fair’ from one that is purely commercial to an event of a more marked educational and cultural content, the National Book Council re-branded the ‘Book Fair’ as a National Book Festival.

The NBC has serious ambitious plans for the Malta Book Festival. For forthcoming Festivals, we would like to see increased international participation and collaboration, more educational and cultural activities and a further increase to incentives given to authors, publishers and non-profit organizations. The commercial element of this event will be retained, however we would like all the commercial entities to focus more on the quality of the material they sell, than on the quantity of books exhibited and sold. The new Council is trying to change people’s attitudes and perceptions with regard to this event. We are keen to influence people into considering this annual event, not simply as a place from where to buy books at bargain prices, instead we want them to consider this event as an enriching cultural and educational experience.

Moreover, the Malta Book Festival is one of a series of very important components of the Government’s plan to make Valletta a European Capital of Culture in 2018 and, in this respect, it is fully supporting the Council in developing and enhancing further this event.

Being a large scale event on a national level , the Malta Book Festival can only be successfully organized thanks to the help and continuous advice of experts from different sectors. Currently, a sub-committee chaired by Patrick Decelis, works in tandem with the NBC in giving professional advice, gathering feedback from as many people as possible and in particular cases also executing activities when and as directed by the NBC.


Download an application form for participation in the 2016 edition: Malta Book Festival 2016_application form