The National Book Council is the public entity which caters for the Maltese book industry with several important services whilst striving to encourage reading and promote the book as a medium of communication in all its formats. It organises the Malta Book Festival and the National Book Prize amongst other national as well as smaller scale events, administers Public Lending Rights, organises several literary contests and is also the local agent for ISBN and ISMN. The National Book Council’s markedly cultural mindset and multi-mediatic approach enables it to work directly with the book industry. However, as an entity, it falls under the remit of the Ministry of Education and Employment and has always been considered as part and parcel of the public educational infrastructure. Malta Libraries, which is the public entity responsible for all public libraries including the National Library, is a separate and distinguished entity which works in close collaboration with the National Book Council.


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The National Book Council is composed of


Executive Chairman:

Mark Camilleri


Deputy Chairman:

Charles Calleja



Jon Grech



Joe Debattista


Assistant Secretaries:

Michael Mercieca

Simona Cassano


Council Members:

Joanne Sciberras

Clare Azzopardi

Mark Joseph Zammit

Charles Mahoney

Emmanuel Psaila

Joseph Mizzi

Christine Vella Borda




National Book Council

Central Public Library

Prof. Joseph J. Mangion Street

Floriana FRN 1800

Malta EU



+356 27131574



joe.debattista (at)

michael.mercieca (at)

john.f.grech (at)