Every year, this press release is dedicated to the National Book Prize, but as of this year, the NBC will be launching applications for two different prizes instead of one. Aside from announing that the applications for the National Book Prize 2015 (for books published in in 2014) are out, the NBC is also announcing Terramaxka – The National Book Prize for Children and Adolescents. This Prize will be launched during the National Book Festival between the 4th and the 8th of November at the Mediterranean Conference Centre. The Terramaxka Prize is made up of six categories: Books for children (ages 0-7), Books for children (ages 8-12), Books for adolescents (ages 13-16), Books for children translated into Maltese (ages 0-7), Books for children translated into Maltese (ages 8-12) and Books for adolescents translated into Maltese (ages 13-16).

This year, the National Book Prize will also include additional categories for Maltese Drama as well as different Research categories, one dedicated to General Research and one to Historical Research. Every category is allowed more than one prize so long as the books submitted exceed the 90% mark. The adjudication process which selects the winners for both the National Book Prize and the Terramaxka Prize is extremely meticulous and nominated books will be scrutinized thoroughly.

Even though winners are chosen according to an adjudication process based on a system of detailed criteria that target literariness as well as style, originality and design, we must make sure that this Prize does not become some sort of olympic struggle for writers to outdo each other. The NBC wishes to award excellence in writing and in publishing and for this reason it will be giving recognition to books that have distinguished themselves from others in the quality and originality stakes.

Nominated books will be announced before the National Book Festival and lists of both nominated and winning books will be advertised via several media channels. The National Book Prize ceremony will be held in December at Auberge de Castille under the patronage of the Prime Minister.


National Book Prize Application Form: Application -PNK-2015

Below please find the National Book Prize Regulations as well as Guidelines and Criteria for the different categories for 2015:

Regulations 2015

Short Story
General Research
Historiographic Research


Terramaxka Prize Application Form: Application-PT-2015

Below please find the Terramaxka Prize Regulations as well as Guidelines and Criteria for the different categories for 2015:

Regulations Terramaxka 2015

criteria 0-7yrs
criteria 8-12yrs
criteria 13-16yrs
Translation 0-7yrs
Translation 8-12yrs
Translation 13-16yrs


IMG_1310 IMG_1312 IMG_1313 IMG_1317  IMG_1319.

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