Churchill, Malta, and Gibraltar - Victor Aquilina

Churchill, Malta, and Gibraltar

Shortlisted in the category ‘Biographical and Historiographic Research’, National Book Prize 2022


In one of the most decisive moments of World War II, two specks of British possessions in the Mediterranean, Malta and Gibraltar, were catapulted to the centre stage of high war politics as the war cabinet in London agonized over a French government proposal to offer territorial concessions to Mussolini in a bid to keep Italy out of the war. In no time, this turned into a political tussle over whether or not Britain should sue for peace through Italian mediation. As the protagonists fought a battle of wits over three days of intensive talks in May 1940, the fate of the two imperial fortresses lay in the hands of one man: Winston Churchill.

Kite Group

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Victor Aquilina

Author: Victor Aquilina

Victor Aquilina is a former editor of the Times of Malta and Malta correspondent for the Associated Press. He is the author of Strickland House, The standard-bearers and launching of the Times of Malta, Book One: 1921–1935 (2010); Strickland House, Times of Malta at war and Labour Party’s sweeping victory, Book Two: 1935–1947 (2015), Black Monday, A Night of Mob Violence (Kite Group, 2019) and Lord Strickland: Plots and Intrigue in Colonial Malta (Kite Group, 2019).