Memories from the front line-Joseph R Grima

Memories from the Front Line: Five Decades of Service

Shortlisted in the category ’Literary Non-Fiction’, National Book Prize 2022


Grima’s memories embody his recollections of people, events, encounters, issues, and choices which marked both the formative years of his youth and the course of a long, rewarding career in the Maltese Public Service. They tell the story of a life-long interest in an enterprising, non-partisan, professional Public Service, good governance, and leadership.

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joe Grima

Author: Joseph R. Grima

Joseph R Grima (1940) served his country in different roles up to the top posts as an apolitical civil servant for five decades. In his last thirty years of his career, he served at the Office of the Prime Minister, under five different prime ministers, and had a close working relationship with both Dom Mintoff and then with Dr Eddie Fenech Adami. He served for ten years as Head of the Civil Service in the run-up to membership of the European Union in 2004.