The Darmanin Artists - Jessica Muscat

The Darmanin Artists

Shortlisted in the category ‘Biographical and Historiographic Research’, National Book Prize 2022


The Darmanin family of artists were the most prolific marble-producing firm in nineteenth-century colonial Malta. Besides carrying out diverse decorative art commissions for the local market, they secured many others from distinguished patrons outside Maltese shores. Being masters of their art, the Darmanin marmisti thrived and remained relevant throughout the century. Their work garnered the admiration of the British royal family, colonial officials and also attracted international acclaim. This publication takes a look at the marble output of these local artists and reveals the compelling impact that the British Empire had on their artistic production.

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Jessica Muscat

Author: Jessica Muscat

Jessica Muscat obtained a Masters Degree in Art History from the Department of Art and Art History at the University of Malta. She obtained a Distinction for her research on the Darmanin family of artists, which focused on their decorative marble production for the British Empire in the nineteenth century. Her interest in art history has developed over the past years, specifically during her bachelor’s degree when she graduated with First Class Honours. During her time at university she served as Vice President to the History of Art Students’ Association and was awarded the prestigious Dean’s List Award for reaching levels of academic excellence.