The House of Baroque Valletta - Mevrick Spiteri

The Houses of Baroque Valletta 1650-1750

Shortlisted in the category ‘General Research’, National Book Prize 2022


The Houses of Baroque Valletta 1650–1750 is an in-depth and brilliant study about building transformations, civil appropriations, and urban reformations in Valletta in the Early Modern Period. Scanning attentively Valletta’s urban fabric, under the surface of its straight-laid streets and monumental façades, Spiteri demonstrates the pertinence of looking at architecture through the lens of micro-history. He examines in detail the successive evolutions of ordinary architecture, architectural changes, voids and vacant spaces in the city, and sets the ground for a new practice of heritage preservation in a composite, multilayered, and evolutionary perspective.

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Mevrick Spiteri

Author: Mevrick Spiteri

Mevrick Spiteri holds his first degree in Archaeology and History, University of Malta and M.A. in Baroque Studies from the International Institute for Baroque Studies within the same university. For the last 15 years he was actively engaged in the heritage sector as a freelance archaeologist, researcher and then officer at the Superintendence of Cultural Heritage. He also has vast experience in research and is currently lectures on the application of archival sources for multidisciplinary research and the study of historic buildings at the Department of Classics & Archaeology and the Department of Conservation & Built Heritage, University of Malta.