The Tail that wagged the dog - Mark Montebello

The Tail that Wagged the Dog: The life and struggles of Dom Mintoff 1916−2012

Shortlisted in the category ‘Biographical and Historiographic Research’, National Book Prize 2022


This is Mintoff’s first scientific biography, worked out by Fr. Montebello over the course of seven years from prime sources in Malta and abroad, especially in England. Every statement in the book is based on original documentation. As the first work in its genre, this biography had to be meticulous and thoroughly reliable. Undoubtedly, others will follow, all based on this one. This 640-page book contains original photographs of Mintoff, and also some appendices of considerable historical interest.

SKS Publishers

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Mark Montabello

Author: Mark Montebello

Mark Montebello, a philosopher by profession with wide expertise in historiography, studied in Malta, Rome, Madrid and Leicester. He is the author of various books on the history of philosophy in the Maltese islands, and a leading expert on Malta’s early-20th century reformer Manuel Dimech.