NBC Docudrama Series 2019

For a downloadable copy of Application Form 2019 click here.

For a downloadable copy of the Criteria 2019 click here.


This is a call for application to select an audiovisual production company to produce a docudrama series comprising a total of eight episodes. The theme of the docudrama shall be Maltese literature, which the project aims at promoting through the collaborative relationship between literature and film-making in literary adaptations. Each episode of the docudrama series will focus on a Maltese author and his/her work/s, which have to be dramatised and placed in an artistic context.

The authors to be featured should have won the National Book Prize in the past five editions (2013-2018), and each episode will also feature an interview with the chosen author. 

To apply, prospective candidates must submit a project plan, including a breakdown of the budget, and a letter of intent describing the proposal and the proposed selection of authors. Companies applying should have previous experience in audiovisual production and preference will be given to companies that have in the past produced literary films or films based on literature. The selected team will be responsible for the execution of the docudrama series, including all development and post-production tasks, and must deliver a finished copy to the NBC prior to the Malta Book Festival in November 2019.

The selected applicant will receive €10,000 per episode in funding from the National Book Council (NBC), which should cover all the technical requirements and logistics, including electricity charges and lights, as well as the author’s fee (the author’s fee needs to be allocated to the author of each episode as part of the funding allocated to each episode, as compensation for the participation in the film and the use of his/her story).

The docudrama series will be aired on a major television station, and publication and distribution rights of the docudrama series will be retained exclusively by the National Book Council. Throughout the production period, the team must be in contact with NBC to ensure that the project is developing according to the proposal and in line with the application criteria and rules.

Download the application form and the ‘Requirements and Selection Criteria’ document here.

Apply by sending in four hard copies of the application and the other documents listed to Michael Mercieca by 30 March 2019 at michael.mercieca@gov.mt at National Book Council, Central Public Library, Joseph Mangion Street, Floriana, FRN 1800. All documents must be received in order for the application to be processed.

For further information or clarifications contact Michael Mercieca on michael.mercieca@gov.mt