The National Book Council would like to announce that the preparatory work for the reading event in Librebook Bruxelles has been brought to an end today with the arrival of books of authors participating in the event. The authors are Alex Vella Gera and Loranne Vella, who will appear on Friday 17th March starting 18:00 hours and Maria Grech Ganado and Clare Azzopardi who will appear on Saturday the day after, starting 14:00 hours. The reading sessions will be led by the authors themselves so as to keep the atmosphere of the event pleasantly informal – members of the audience will have the opportunity to talk to the authors, ask questions and have copies of the authors’ work signed by the authors. This event is meant to commemorate Malta’s EU presidency with a celebration of contemporary Maltese literature. Members of the public who happen to be in the area during this period are urged to visit Librebook Bruxelles at 128, Chaussée de Wavre, 1050 Ixelles, Belgium.

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