The National Book Prize is the highest literary prize assigned to authors, publishers and illustrators for work published locally the year before. The prize-giving ceremony is held at Auberge de Castille under the patronage of the Prime Minister. The shortlisted titles and the winning titles in the 7 categories of the National Book Prize and the 6 categories of the Terramaxka Prize are selected by an independent board of adjudication, whose members are obliged to follow a set of criteria in their evaluation order to ensure the highest degree of transparency and fairness as is appropriate for such an important and prestigious prize.

Rules and regulations may be found below.

The entries in this year’s edition are currently being evaluated by the board of adjudication. The shortlist will be released on 26 August, and will include both Terramaxka and National Book Prize titles. The Terramaxka Prize ceremony will be on 6 November during the opening night of the Malta Book Festival 2018, while the National Book Prize ceremony will take place at Auberge de Castille on 30 November.


Below please find the National Book Prize Application Form and Regulations

Application // National Book Prize 2018

Regulations // National Book Prize 2018

and the National Book Prize Categories – Adjudication Guidelines and Criteria

Criteria Novel

Criteria Short Story

Criteria Poetry

Criteria Drama

Criteria General Research

Criteria Biographical and Historiographic Research

Criteria Translation


Below please find the Terramaxka Prize  – Application Form and Regulations:

Application // Terramaxka 2018

Regulations // Terramaxka 2018

and the Terramaxka Prize Categories – Adjudication Guidelines and Criteria:

Criteria 0-7yrs ORIGINAL WORK

Criteria 8-12 yrs ORIGINAL WORK

Criteria 13-16 yrs ORIGINAL WORK

Criteria 0-7 yrs TRANSLATION

Criteria 8-12yrs TRANSLATION

Criteria 13-16yrs TRANSLATION