The National Book Council has introduced a remuneration scheme which benefits authors whose books are available to borrow from the Public Libraries of Malta and Gozo. The scheme in question also remunerates:

i) co-authors of a publication.*

ii) illustrators and photographers responsible for 50% or more of the publication’s content – generally the case in children’s books where illustrations play an important and essential role alongside the text.*

iii) editors responsible for ammassing works by several contributors for a publication.**


*In cases where a book has two or more authors – be they co-authors, illustrators or photographers – payment will be divided equally between all parties.

**In the case of an editor responsible for ammassing works by several contributors for a publication, payment will go to the editor.

Please note that:

i) every publication listed must be accompanied by an ISBN issued by the National Book Council.

ii) every publication listed must be in line with the law concerning legal deposits which requires that two copies of every publication be deposited in the National Library of Malta.


In order to apply the author/editor or co-author/photographer/illustrator must submit a hard copy of the application form (downloadable to print from below or sent to you via e-mail upon request at [email protected] ) and attach a detailed bibliography of works listing:

a) Title of Publication.

b) Name and Surname (as printed).

c) Role in Publication.

d) ISBN.


Remuneration is issued every 3 months based on the lending statistics of the book/s in question as gathered from all Public Libraries in Malta and Gozo and including both Regional and Branch Libraries. The allocated funds for every period are divided percentage wise according to these statistics and payments are issued in cheque form and sent by post to the applicant.

In order to notify the National Book Council of any changes in applications that have already been submitted, it is necessary for the applicant to fill-in another form and submit it to the Secretary, National Book Council, c/o Central Public Library, Prof. J. Mangion Street, Floriana, FRN1800  (Tel. +356 21222654). The Council will then issue receipt and confirmation.

Registration forms can be downloaded from this link:

PLR application form