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The Campus Book Festival



Since 2014 the Campus Book Festival is organized annually in collaboration with local publishers, University of Malta Departments and student organizations with the aim of promoting all forms of literature, Melitensia and works of research, and provide students with an opportunity to engage with current works of fiction or research and their authors.

The 2022 Campus Book Festival is taking place at the University of Malta Quadrangle between Wednesday 23 and Friday 25 March.

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All is ready for the 2023 Campus Book Festival!

All is ready for the opening of Kampus Kotba, the tenth edition of the 2023 Campus Book Festival. […]

Discovering the Intersection of Music and Literature at Kampus Kotba 2023: The ‘Ħsejjes Letterarji’ Experience

The power of music to enhance a book is undeniable. It has the ability to add an extra […]

Meet the exhibitors of the 2023 Campus Book Festival

Kampus Kotba, the 2023 Campus Book Festival will be held between Wednesday 22 March and Friday 24 March. […]


The full programme of the 2022 Campus Book Festival has been released.
Admittance to all Festival events is subject to the presentation of a valid vaccination certificate.



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