Professor Toni Aquilina from the Department of Translation and Terminology Studies of the University of Malta will be giving a talk on the importance of research when translating established authors. He will be concentrating mainly on Albert Camus’s works, most of which he has translated into Maltese and is in the process of publishing gradually in the Faraxa Translation Series. Up to now three books have seen the light of day in this series, namely: L’Eté / Is-Sajf, Les Muets / Il-Muti, L’envers et l’endroit / Il-Maqlub u s-Sewwa and La Chute / Il-Waqgħa. The latter has had the privilege of receiving funds from the National Book Council.

Other works by Camus translated by Toni Aquilina appeared in other publications. He’d be more than happy to answer any questions put to him on the subject.  

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