Various illustrators, Malta-based and from abroad, the likes of Zack Ritchie (Independent Maltese illustrator), Craig Macdonald (Te fit-Tazza), Matt Stroud (Malta-based illustrator and animator), Daniela Attard ‘iella’ (London-based designer and Illustrator) and Marietta Mifsud (Brighton-based graphic designer and illustrator) will be having a casual discussion on the business of illustration.

The six illustrators will discuss many different aspects of illustration as a business but may also cover areas such as the importance of illustration as a design tool, why putting creative work ‘out there’ is important, the option of self-publishing and learning your own brand of illustration versus versatility to different styles.

The discussion will also include a run through the process of creating one of Zack Ritchie’s artworks, from concept stage to completion.