Philosophical inquiry is concerned with technology, be it the apparently simple technology of writing or the complexities of emerging technologies. Beyond glossy marketing, critical human reasoning remains necessary to make sense of information, technology, and concepts such as ‘intelligence’. Human interaction with technologies, from various apps and social media to smart classrooms and robots, will be the focus of this conversation with Enrico Panai (University of Sassari), a specialist of human interaction with information and author of Skip! The Art of Avoiding Projects. He will be in conversation with Francois Zammit.

Dr Enrico Panai is a specialist in the Philosophy and Ethics of Information and Artificial Intelligence and is a consultant to large companies in the IT sector. His publication ‘Skip!’ lays the ground for an innovative ecology of making or skipping projects drawing on scientific discoveries and many examples from everyday life.

Jean-Paul De Lucca is Senior Lecturer in the Department of Philosophy at the University of Malta. His areas of specialization include early modern philosophy and history of ideas, political philosophy and philosophy of law.

Francois Zammit works in the education sector and is reading for a doctorate with the Department of Philosophy at the University of Malta. His research explores the nexus between the ethical and political within the structures of economic and political institutions. Furthermore, he has worked on understanding the relationship between technology and humanity, and the redefining of notions of the human.

This event, organised in collaboration with the Philosophy Department at the University of Malta and the Students’ Philosophical Society (SPS), will be in English.