When a book is published in general all praise goes to the author, but seldom people stop and think about the process that led up to the production of the book: editing, proofreading and publication. In this discussion local publishers will speak about their role in the industry, what is being sold and what isn’t, what they need to constantly keep in mind when publishing, and finally how has the pandemic affected the industry.

This event is presented by Għaqda tal-Malti – Università. L-Għaqda tal-Malti – Università, set up by Rużar Briffa and Ġużè Bonnici in 1931, is a student organisation whose aim is to promote the Maltese language and all related sectors, among students and beyond. The Għaqda started launching Leħen il-Malti from its inception and has continued to do so with a special event at the Malta Book Festival. The group was led by prominent figures past and present alike, such as Pietru Pawl Saydon, Ġużè Aquilina, Dun Karm Sant and Oliver Friggieri. In recent years the Għaqda has invested in educational and interdisciplinary projects especially targeted at adolescents.