With a load of humor, excitement and full of surprises, Eran Katz, the renowned memory trainer and bestselling Israeli author, reveals extraordinary techniques to boost memory power. 

Remember names and faces every time using the Napoleon method, the JFK technique and the Angel’s face biblical system. How the remarkable system of Gematria boosts the ability to recall dates, events and long digit numbers! The ‘Modena files’ amusing cue system to remember tasks, lists and jokes! Learn any language quickly. ‘Yiddibrish’ – the strategy that helped the Jewish people communicate effectively anywhere in the world. The Roman room system, Hugo’s Manouvre, the Brita Effect and other unique and effective techniques to upgrade your memory’s performance.

But above all…Witness amazing memory stunts! 

After the show, students are also invited to follow an interview with the author and performer himself, Eran Katz, by Coryse Borg.

Eran Katz is a best-selling author, entertaining speaker and seminar leader on memory and intelligence.

He has delivered his lectures and seminars to hundreds of leading multinational companies and organizations worldwide including IBM, Oracle, Microsoft, Google, Samsung, the Singapore Government, and more.

Katz is the bestselling author of Secrets of a Super Memory, Jerome Becomes a Genius and Five Gifts for the Mind. His books are translated to 17 languages and have won literary prizes.

This show is in English and targeted to children of 8 years and older.