The National Book Council would like to inform the public of a special event on film adaptation, which will take place in Temi Zammit Hall, MCC Valletta on Saturday at 20:00. It will feature a screening of this year’s winning entry of the NBC PBS Film Contest, Ryan Gatt’s film adaptation of Walid Nahban’s short story Il-Kompliċi, from the collection of short stories Lura d-dar u ġrajjiet oħra li ma ġrawx (Klabb Kotba Maltin, 2009.) Visitors to the Festival will have the opportunity to meet the young director and the writer in person and to assist to a discussion on the theme of literary adaptation into film.

This should be particularly interesting as on the same day, a little earlier at 19:00, members of the public are invited to watch a screening of excerpts from another film adaptation – Mission: London by Dimitar Mitovski, based on a novel of the same name by the popular Buglarian satirical writer Alek Popov. The latter will be talking to journalist Teodor Reljic about the themes that inform his literary work.

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