The National Book Council this week will be celebrating World Book and Copyright Day in a number of events which aim to increase the public’s awareness of the local book culture and to promote the book as a means of intellectual empowerment. On Thursday 27th April, the National Book Council will be taking part in a Literacy Fest, set up in collaboration with Ħad-Dingli Local Council, St Nicholas College Dingli Primary and the National Literacy Agency with a varied programme full of reading activities for the students of St Nicholas College. The Hon. Mr Evarist Bartolo will also be making an appearance as a reading ambassador.

The National Book Council will donate a large number of children’s books to the school in addition to setting up a reading activity in which author John A. Bonello, who was the recipient of the Terramaxka Prize in 2016, will be reading excerpts from his award-winning book, ‘Irvin Vella Investigatur Virtwali: il-Każ Manduca’ to year one students. This initiative is one of the many steps the NBC has resolved to take in order to promote Terramaxka winning entries with young readers, ensuring that students get exposed to high-quality literature at any early stage in their education.

On 28th April, the National Book Council will join Malta Libraries in its celebration of the Libraries Day with a book donation of literature aimed at children and teenagers. Short-listed and winning titles from the last and previous editions of the Terramaxka Prize will form the main bulk of the donated books.

The National Book Council hopes that these public events and donations will have the desired effect of kindling a passion for books and literature in young readers. World Book Day should serve as a reminder of the role books and literacy have played in the intellectual development of societies around the world. It is also a reminder of the importance of respecting authors’ and publishers’ rights, which is a concern that ranks high on the priority list of the NBC.

We wish you all a happy World Book and Copyright Day!


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