The National Book Council is proud to announce its collaboration with the National Literacy Agency which forms part of the Ministry for Education and Employment on its ‘Aqra kemm tiflaħ’ programme targeting the first years of primary education. For the first phase of the programme, the NBC has spent around €15,000 on books to be distributed amongst St. Margaret College classes. Every class from Year 1 to Year 6 will be receiving not less than a 100 books for its class library. The donated books are a mix of fiction as well as general knowledge in Maltese and English. Every book is labelled in such a way so as to indicate reading level and content. The National Literacy Agency has also created (a) a colour-coded key to help teachers guide their students’ reading choices and (b) 500 resource sheets for before, during and after reading available for use by students, teachers, LSAs and parents alike. These resources were created in a bid to make reading a more pleasurable and valuable experience for the overall growth and development of the student.

Present for the book donation at Żabbar Primary School B on the 27th of April, 2015 were the following: Mr. Joseph Caruana, Permanent Secretary – Ministry of Education and Employment; Ms. McNamara, St. Margaret College Principal; Mr. David Muscat, Head of National Literacy Agency; Mr. Mark Camilleri, Executive Chairman of the National Book Council; reading ambassadors Mr Xandru Grech and Ms. Antonia Micallef and the Heads of Schools of Żabbar Primary A, Żabbar Primary B, Kalkara Primary and Senglea Primary.


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