The National Book Council is collaborating with Modern Poetry in Translation (MPT), and a call for submissions for Maltese poetry translated to English has just been launched. 

The call for submissions can be found here, and is open to poems translated from any Maltese language, including Maltese Sign Language, Maltese, and English; however, poems in English must be written by Maltese poets. Everyone is invited to send their translations of poems which are yet unpublished, and Editor Khairani Barokka will choose ones to publish. The deadline is 13 April, and the chosen poems will be published in the June/July 2023 issue, which will have a special focus on poetry written in the languages of Malta. The guidelines are to submit a maximum of six poems per translated poet (not per translator).

MPT brings together the best new poetry, essays and reviews from around the world. It aims to give voice to the silenced, exiled and excluded, and create a diverse and creative community of translators, poets and readers.

This issue should serve as an excellent showcase for Maltese poetry beyond the local shores.

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