The National Book Council kindly invites publishers to submit an expression of interest in publishing two anthologies of translated prose and poetry by Maltese authors. One anthology is to be translated into English and the other into Italian.

The extracts in Maltese will be chosen on the basis of their literary worth and following their publication, will serve as promotional tools in international Fairs abroad with the aim to widen the marketplace for Maltese publications in general.

Every advantageous offer will be considered. Once the submission period for expressions of interest is over, and the publishers are chosen, the National Book Council will enter into discussions with said publishers about the design and production required for both anthologies.

Expenses for these publications will be shouldered by the National Book Council.

The final decision regarding who is to be entrusted with the publications in question is and remains the National Book Council’s. The expression of interest is to be addressed to the Secretary, National Book Council, Central Public Library, Joseph J. Mangion Street, Floriana FRN1800 and submitted by not later than noon on Wednesday, 31st of Deceber, 2014.

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