On the occasion of World Book and Copyright Day, and Libraries Day 2023, the National Book Council (NBC) is proud to reveal a sneak peak into the poster and theme of this year’s Malta Book Festival, which will take place on 18-22 October 2023. 

The 2023 Festival will go #beyondbooks by exploring the relationship between literature and other media, delving into the exciting ways in which they complement and enhance each other.

The National Book Council believes that books are important for a country’s culture and society, not just on World Book Day. Literature and books educate, inspire, record history and promote critical thinking and creativity, while also providing a platform for diverse voices and opinions. The NBC advocates for the celebration of books and literature every day to create a knowledgeable, compassionate and open-minded society.

Watch the interview with the NBC’s chairperson, Mark Camilleri, on the importance of reading, which gives a glimpse of what to expect at this year’s Malta Book Festival.

Happy World Book and Copyright Day #beyondbooks

Save the date and stay tuned! More teasers will be coming your way in the coming months.

Happy World Book and Copyright Day, and Libraries Day 2023!

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