Luke Galea speaks to the artist, writer and bookbinder Glen Calleja about the relation between diction, universal imagery and stylistic consistency in Caldon Mercieca’s poetry collection Mogħlint, and also about Calleja’s own reflections on the book as a material object.

Glen Calleja is an artist primarily interested in poetry and the book as object – his artistic work often involves alternative book structures, found content and performative elements. His poetry books include eki t’eki (pubblikazzjoni awl, 2002), IR-RAĠEL (2010, 2012) and kull flgħaxija kif mal-għabex tnin u tmut saħħet il-jum (2014). Glen is co-founder of Studio Solipsis, home to Calleja’s bookbinding endeavor, Kotba Calleja. 

Books discussed in this episode:
Caldon Mercieca, Mogħlint (pubblikazzjoni awl, 2002)
Nadia Mifsud, Varjazzjonijiet tas-Skiet (EDE Books, 2021)

Michael Azzopardi, ‘Skrejjen’ 

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