Luke Galea speaks to Francesco Grech about the human stories in Kissirtu Kullimkien (Merlin Publishers, 2020), Lara Calleja’s eco-conscious short story collection, and about his debut publication of poetic writings Kollox Jeħel Magħna (Merlin Publishers, 2022).

Francesco Grech is the author of Kollox Jeħel Magħna, a collection of intimate writings that explore difficult or taboo subjects including sexuality and mental health struggles. Grech is also a composer of works that have been performed around various theaters in Gozo, Malta and Italy, and a Cultural Manager within Reġjun Għawdex.

Books discussed in this episode:
Lara Calleja, Kissirtu Kullimkien (Merlin Publishers, 2020)
Francesco Grech, Kollox Jeħel Magħna (Merlin Publishers, 2022)

Michael Azzopardi, ‘Skrejjen’

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