Noah Fabri discusses with Luke Galea on Loranne Vella’s latest novel, Marta Marta, that Fabri classifies paradoxically as a treasure and as frustrating. Fabri talks on how Vella’s work is new and beats the boundaries of a novel, with excerpts in the form of essays and a particular sense of humour. The novel leads to a discussion on the experimentation of language that addresses persons of various gender identities. 

Noah Fabri writes stories, songs and plays and shares them in collaborate works such as the album Karmaġenn (2019), the book Dar Imħawra (2021) and the film In-Nani f’Art il-Ġganti (2021). Sometimes they play with performative art, through the events Huma min Huma? (part of Refraction, Spazju Kreattiv, 2021), Inbigħu l-Imqaret (part of Spring 2.0,Gabriel Caruana Foundation, 2021) and Insalata (2022). Their work in English appeared on Scintillas:New Maltese Writing 1 by Praspar Press. They are interested in walking, public space, gender and the effect of politics on everyday life.


Books discussed in this episode:
Loranne Vella, Marta Marta (Ede Books, 2022)

Michael Azzopardi, ‘Skrejjen’ 

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