John A. Bonello discusses with Luke Galea Mark A. Fenech’s novel It-Tawmaturgu, which leads to a discussion on different genres of literature such as of fantasy and sci-fi, which are rare in Maltese literature, that however Maltese authors still venture into, leading them to create neologisms. 

John A. Bonello won the National Book Prize six times. He is a writer from Ħad-Dingli who writes fanstasy, science fiction and investigative sotries for children, youths and adult readers. Among his most popular boks are the investigate series for children of Irvin Vella, the YA trilogy Il-Logħba tal-Allat and the duology for adults Unus Mundus. He visits schools frequently to meet students and talks to them on creative writing.

Books discussed in this episode:
Mark A. Fenech, It-Tawmaturgu (Horizons, 2017)
John A. Bonello, Is-serje ta’ Irvin Vella (Merlin Publishers, 2008 – )

Michael Azzopardi, ‘Skrejjen’ 

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