Rachel Baldacchino discusses with Stella Borg Barthet the novel ‘Requiem for a Malta Fascist (or The Interrogation)(Aquilina, 1980), the postcolonial element of this novel, Ebejer’s interrogation of the Maltese identity, and the importance of history especially for the colonised.

Stella Borg Barthet is Professor in the Department of English,University of Malta, where she teaches courses on postcolonial literature, and on 18th and 19th century English and American fiction. She convened the European Association for Commonwealth Literature and Language Studies (EACLALS) conference in 2005 and was appointed adjudicator for the Commonwealth Writers’ Prize the following year. Prof Borg Barthet has published many papers on postcolonial and contemporary migrant writing. Her current research interests include Mediterranean literature.

Books discussed in this episode:
Francis Ebejer, ‘Requiem for a Malta Fascist (or The Interrogation)’, (Aquilina, 1980)

Michael Azzopardi, ‘Skrejjen’

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