The National Book Council is pleased to announce that the Independent Adjudication Board has selected and communicated the shortlisted finalists for the National Book Prize and the Terramaxka Prize 2016. As is customary, we are publishing the list for the benefit of the public: the titles that appear in the shortlist are guaranteed to be all works of quality and therefore of interest to members of the public who can purchase these books from all general bookstores and at the upcoming Malta Book Festival (9-13 November, MCC Valletta).

As a welcome surprise for this year, quite a large number of new authors appear in the shortlist, from which we can infer a heightened interest in the contest on the part of the local community of writers and publishers. We are very pleased with this as it reflects very postively on our work to intensify both readership and literary production in the local market.

Hereunder is the shortlist for the National Book Prize, divided into its seven categories, followed by the shortlist for the Terramaxka Prize with five categories.




Novels in Maltese and English

Vandalism by Lizzie Eldridge (Merlin Publishers)

Iż-żejt f’qiegħ l-ilma by Martin Bugelli (Kite Group)

Jien, bħalek. Differenti. by Lorraine Galea (Horizons)

Esklussiva Dotcom by Gabriel Schembri (Klabb Kotba Maltin)

Trojan by Alex Vella Gera (Klabb Kotba Maltin)


Short-Stories in Maltese and English

Vespri by Trevor Zahra (Merlin Publishers)

Mhux Bilfors Hekk … by Alex Mizzi (Klabb Kotba Maltin)


Poetry in Maltese and English

Bla qiegħ: poeżija mit-trab 2010-2013 by Joe P. Galea (Horizons)

Klin u kapriċċi oħra by Adrian Grima (Klabb Kotba Maltin)

South of the Kasbah by Norbert Bugeja (Midsea Books Ltd.)

Barefoot in the Saltpans – Poetry Mediterranean by Daniel Massa (Allied Publications)

Kantuniera ‘l bogħod by Nadia Mifsud (Skarta)



L-Iljieli Għarbin by Edmund Teuma (BDL)

Oscar u s-sinjura roża by Claudine Borg (Faraxa Publishing) – Translation of ‘Oscar et la dame rose’ by Éric-Emmanuel Schmitt

Sharon u l-kunjata – Djarji minn Ramallah by Jean Paul Borg (SKS) – Translation of ‘Sharon and My Mother-in-Law : Ramallah Diaries’ by Suad Amiry

Il-Kappillan ta’ Tours by Paul Zahra (Paul Zahra) – Translation of ‘Le Curé de Tours’ by Honoré de Balzac

Il-Pesta tal-1676 by Joseph F. Grima (BDL) – Translation of ‘The Plague of 1676 – 11,300 Deaths’ by Joseph Micallef


Historiographic Research

Slavery – Malta at the Crossroads: Transhipment of Slaves in a British Colony during the Nineteenth Century  by Michael Refalo (BDL)

Judge Robert Ganado: A history of the Government Departments from 1815 and lawyers from 1666 by Albert Ganado (BDL)

Caravaggio to Mattia Preti: Baroque Painting in Malta by Keith Sciberras (Midsea Books Ltd.)

The People of the North 1546-1610 by Paul Catania (Midsea Books Ltd.)

The Battle of Lepanto: 7 October 1571 – An Unpublished Hospitaller Account by Paul George Pisani (Salesians of Don Bosco)

Giuseppe Donati and Umberto Calosso: two Italian anti-fascist refugees in Malta by Giorgio Peresso (SKS)

History of Ornithology in Malta by Joe Sultana and John J. Borg (Birdlife Malta)


General Research

Wild Flowers of the Maltese Islands by Edwin Lanfranco and Guido Bonett (BDL)

Antonio Sciortino: the Lost Album by Gerald Bugeja (Kite Group)

Patroloġija: L-Ewwel Volum by Alessandru Bonnici and Salvinu Caruana (ĊAK)

Rivelazzjoni u Profetiżmu fl-Islam by Edmund Teuma (ĊAK)

The Maltese Islands and the Sea by Timmy Gambin (ed.) (Midsea Books Ltd.)

Qiegħda fil-Ponta ta’ Lsieni: it-Tieni Ktieb by Ġużi Gatt (Klabb Kotba Maltin)

Population ageing in Malta: Multidisciplinary Perspectives by Marvin Formosa and Charles Scerri (Malta University Press)

Aspetti tat-Traduzzjoni Maltija: it-Transfer Kreattiv fit-Traduzzjoni bil-Malti by Charles Briffa (Horizons)





Original Works: Books for Children (Ages 0-7)

Mingu by Clare Azzopardi (Merlin Publishers)

Żuża, iż-żebra l-kurjuża by Mark Zammit (Klabb Kotba Maltin)

In-Naffar li xtaq itir / The Scarecrow who wanted to fly by Rita Saliba (Horizons)


Original Works: Books for Children (Ages 8-12)

Irvin Vella – Investigatur Virtwali: Il-Każ Manduca by John A. Bonello (Merlin Publishers)

Il-Professur Għasfur by Ġorġ Mallia (Merlin Publishers)

L-Avventuri ta’ Tipi by Joan Alison Farrugia (BDL)

L-Għorfa f’tarf l-irdum by Victor Fenech (Horizons)


Original Works: Books for Adolescents (Ages 13-16)

Wiċċ imb wiċċ mal-verità by Carmel G. Cauchi (BDL)

Djamantini by Kulleġġ Santa Klara, Sekondarja Pembroke (Kulleġġ Santa Klara, Sekondarja Pembroke)

Esperjenza Unika, Love by Jacqueline Mizzi (Horizons)


Translation: Books for Children (Ages 0-7)

X’Qed Tara? by Rachel Portelli (Merlin Publishers) – Traduzzjoni ta’ ‘Cosa Stai Guardando?’ by Marica Bersan (illustrated by Claudio Cerri)

Bertu l-bebbuxu supereroj by Clare Azzopardi (Merlin Publishers) – Translation of ‘Berlingot est un superhéros’ by Virginie Hanna (illustrated by Amandine Piu)

Ġakki l-Pirata by Clare Azzopardi (Merlin Publishers) – Translation of ‘Zafo le petit pirate!’ by Virginie Hanna (illustrated by Michel Boucher)

Kamilla tixtieq familja ġdida by Clare Azzopardi (Merlin Publishers) – Translation of ‘Camille veut une nouvelle famille’ by Yann Walcker (illustrated by Mylène Rigaudie)

Lupu Lupettu ma jridx jimxi aktar by Clare Azzopardi (Merlin Publishers) – Translation of ‘Le loup qui ne voulait plus marcher’ by Orianne Lallemand (illustrated by Éléonore Thuillier)

Vjoletta by Loranne Vella (Merlin Publishers) – Translation of ‘Violeta’ by Abril Calero (illustrated by Monsurós)


Translation: Books for Children (Ages 8-12)

Il-Leġġenda ta’ San Ġorġ u d-Dragun by Pierre J. Mejlak (Merlin Publishers) – Translation of ‘La llegenda de Sant Jordi i el Drac’ by Laura Vaqué (illustrated by Núria Aparicio)





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