The National Book Council has just published via the Electronic Public Procurement System (ePPS) a public tender for the Provision of brand, design, and marketing management services (including market research). The National Book Council engages widely with various audiences with the aim of promoting Maltese literature locally and internationally, and providing services to the Maltese publishing industry stakeholders. The NBC regularly informs the public of its core projects and other initiatives (Malta Book Festival, Book Fund, National Book Prize etc.), and runs visually-strong marketing campaigns which also advocate for the publishing industry in its entirety.

In this light, the NBC is seeking to engage a design and marketing service provider to develop and implement effective campaigns which complement and promote the NBC’s grants, projects and initiatives. The service provider will be expected to deliver campaigns ahead of each project and year-long initiatives.

The contracted company shall provide necessary artwork and digital assets corresponding to any campaigns. The Graphic Design Expert shall work on a flexible weekly schedule to reflect work/output needed on a weekly and monthly basis based on the Action Plans provided, while the Marketing and Design Coordinator shall work within the National Book Council offices on a flexible full-time basis to coordinate the brand, design and marketing strategies, and manage day-to-day marketing tasks.

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