Together with Professors Arnold Cassola and Henry Frendo we have this week discussed two works dealing with the communities of Maltese abroad, published during the past year.

In this program we are discussing:
Diaspora: Maltese Overseas Settlement (Midsea Books, 2020)
Maltese Migration in Tunisian Coastal Times (1836-1844) (Morrone Editore, 2020)

Diaspora takes a comprehensive look into the migratory experience of many Maltese over the last two hundred and fifty years with a particular focus to the Maltese diaspora around the world, including Maltese communities in North Africa, the United Kingdom, Australia and North America. Maltese Migration in Tunisian Coastal Towns (1836-1844) explores the emigration of the Maltese to a number of towns and villages along the Tunisian coast by honing in on marriage records and baptisms and how they reflect on the identity of those communities.

We remind listeners that this programme is being broadcast at the same on Radju Malta.

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