In this episode we met John Consiglio and Alan Xuereb both of whom have written about the subjects of economics and politics in the Maltese language. While political writing in Maltese is more common, we often encounter economics in English language publications. We discussed their choice of language, the significance of writing in Maltese on these topics and its impact on younger readers.

We also addressed the economic and political state of affairs in Malta and current outlooks on poverty, capitalism and wealth – listen to this week’s episode to see what they had to say about all of the above and more.

Books discussed in this episode:

L-Ekonomija f’Ilsien ix-Xjenza u l-Filosofija (Faraxa Publishing)
Ekonomija għal kulħadd (Klabb Kotba Maltin)
Riflessjonijiet dwar il-Ġid Komuni (BDL Books, Malta)

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