The National Book Council would like to announce that as of this year, the National Book Prize will be divided in two distinct sections: the Prize for books aimed for adults, the celebration of which will take place as per tradition at Auberge de Castille under the Prime Minister’s patronage; and the Prize for books aimed for children and adolescents entitled TERRAMAXKA PRIZE.


Why ‘Terramaxka’? The terramaxka exudes enchanting melodies, it has the power to transport one to a dreamworld of sorts. Likewise, children’s books can conjur up roads into a dreamworld where fantasy becomes reality.


The Terramaxka Prize will be launched during the National Book Festival (4-8 NOV, MCC) on weekday mornings during school visits. The Terramaxka Prize together with other related activities will transform the Festival into a magical space where the line between the real and the fantastic is blurred and children will become participants in a dreamworld alongside literary characters that have come to life.


Terramaxka Prize at the National Book Festival. Don’t miss out!



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