The National Book Council is convening the 2022 Annual Consultation Meeting for Authors and Publishers online on Saturday 22 January between 10am and 1pm.

The meeting is of special interest to all authors, publishers, illustrators, editors, and translators and provides an opportunity to share thoughts and information on the agenda on the table. Through meetings like this the NBC is able to be in a better position to to come up with its policies that best safeguard the interests of the stakeholders of the publishing industry.


  1. Post-mortem about the Malta Book Festival 2021 – discussion and suggestions for 2022
  2. A change in the dates of the Malta Book Festival 2022
  3. Post-mortem about the National Book Prize 2021 – discussion and suggestions for 2022
  4. A change in the dates of the National Book Prize 2022
  5. Changes taken on board
  6. A new ISBN process
  7. The NBC’s calendar of events for 2022

A registration link for the meeting has been sen to all stakeholders via email by Matthew Borg. If you haven’t received it kindly send an email to

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