The National Book Council has donated today a large number of books that will go to the Centre of Residential Restorative Services (CoRRS) in Mtaħleb.

The books vary from novels, poetry and short-stories in Maltese and other languages such as Italian, French, Spanish and German, to books about politics, philosophy, education, social studies and art in various languages.

The donation was presented to the CEO of Malta Libraries, Cheryl Falzon, who will now deliver the books to the library of the facility.

A very important aspect of the NBC’s remit is to make sure that public libraries and other libraries pertaining to important entities have all the latest and best books all year round and also that these books are relevant to the audience that visits the library. That is why, apart from individual donations such as this, the NBC gives large amounts of books to Malta Libraries every year to be distributed to all public libraries in Malta and Gozo.



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