The National Book Council (NBC) has donated a considerable amount of Terramaxka shortlisted titles to the UNHCR in Malta.

The donation was done in conjunction with Malta Libraries, who supplied books for children and young adults in the English language. The books donated by the NBC were all the shortlisted titles for this year’s Terramaxka Prize and some other books from previous years. The majority of the books are in the Maltese language and they will be used by the refugee community in Malta.

The donation was held at the Central Public Library in Floriana, in the presence of Asma Labidi, Cultural Mediator at the UNHCR Malta and her team, together with Malta Libraries representatives.

The UNHCR Malta office opened in 2005 and falls under the regional office of Rome. The office’s first challenge was to meet the high influx of boat arrivals from the Libyan coast heading for the European mainland. The UNHCR also works closely with the Maltese government, social partners and a number of local organisations and NGOs not only to find durable solutions for refugees and beneficiaries of protection in Malta, but also to advocate and work towards improved access to protection and conditions of asylum in Malta; an increased protection-sensitive asylum system and related policies; to strengthen the capacities of government and partner agencies; and to increase general awareness about asylum issues in the country.

The NBC augurs the best of luck for the employees of the UNHCR Malta, and we hope that with our small contribution we can help the refugee community and beneficiaries of protection in Malta to feel safer and more welcomed.

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