A highlight event of the Malta Book Festival 2017, A Riveting Workshop, will offer journalists and all those interested in the art of literary review the opportunity to join top UK journalists Rosie Goldsmith and Max Easterman for a workshop on book reviewing and promotion. The event will take place on the second day of the Festival, Thursday 9 November, starting 17:30 hours at M.A. Grima Hall (MCC, Valletta).

Goldsmith and Easterman, both senior BBC journalists for several decades, are well-known for their ‘riveting workshops’. These short, intense specialist workshops provide top tips, practical examples, short exercises and motivational talks aimed at helping both upcoming and professional literary journalists, editors and publishers to create riveting book reviews and riveting PR and promotion for all media outlets.

Attendance to the workshop is free but places have to be booked before. Interested members of the public can book a place by visiting our website and sending an email to simona.cassano@gov.mt. Places are limited and participation in the workshop is on a first come first served basis.

Rosie Goldsmith and Max Easterman run the UK’s European Literature Network. They broadcast, write, review, translate, host events and conduct training all over the UK and internationally.



Rosie Goldsmith is a multi-media journalist specializing in arts and international affairs. Over 20 years’ working for the BBC she has travelled the world, covering events such as the fall of the Berlin Wall and the revolutions in eastern Europe, and also presenting flagship BBC Radio shows like ‘Front Row’ and ‘Crossing Continents’. Today Rosie combines broadcasting with curating and chairing events on foreign affairs, literature and the arts, in Britain and abroad. She is also a writer, media trainer and PR consultant. She speaks French, German and some Italian.



Max Easterman is a respected and award-winning journalist and teacher, with extensive experience of broadcast, print and media training, in Britain and round the world. He has presented and produced some of the BBC’s flagship programmes (eg. ‘The World Tonight’ and ‘Newshour’) and is a qualified teacher and university lecturer. In schools and colleges he has created ground-breaking radio, multi-media and journalism projects. Easterman has worked alongside some of the top names in broadcasting. He speaks several languages and writes regular jazz reviews.

Rosie Goldsmith

Max Easterman

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