The National Book Council is hereby releasing its Christmas Gift, which this year is a gift specifically aimed at authors: a technical manual on copyright and the book industry. The aim of this manual is primarily to educate authors about their rights and the book market by using common European practices as a benchmark while simultaneously making reference to examples from our local market. Reference to local copyright law is also made which is directly in sync with current European copyright legislation. This manual is not intended to serve as a definite descriptive guide about the situation of the local market since some commercial aspects described here are taken from the European context.

Malta’s book market is limited by its size, but in a changing environment which is also becoming increasingly international through translation, new concepts and measures are introduced. Given publishing houses in Malta are relatively small, and that practically everyone knows each other in the book market, their relationship with authors has always been based on mutual consent, but this doesn’t mean that publishers may lack professional standards, especially in contractual terms. Professional standards should always be applied for best practice and for a healthy and safe market environment. Awareness of professional standards and basic legal concepts can only help to both enhance these relationships and the quality of the product. May this guide serve authors to understand better their rights, challenges and the realities they face in a dynamic market environment.

Download the Author’s Manual here.

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