The National Book Council (NBC) is pleased to present its comprehensive Annual Report for the year 2019.

Over the past year full of events and new challenges, the Council has kept growing, receiving as much as an 80 per cent increase in its public funding over the previous year for its recurrent expenditure, and further capital funds for the restoration of its newly acquired government premises in Old Mint Street, Valletta. Among other things, this has resulted in new contests, increases to the monetary value of the National Book Prize, and greater investments in the festivals and cultural activities organised by the NBC. For the first time ever, the NBC also convened the first National Writers’ Congress in 2019, which led to the adoption of the Charter of Writers’ Economic Rights.

As the NBC thanks all those involved in making 2019 a successful year, we look forward to 2020. During this year the NBC will continue implementing its vision and ensure that the book industry keeps growing, also by benefitting from the required legal aids which sustain growth for the industry.

The Annual Report for 2019 in English can be accessed here, and mobile version here.

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