The power of music to enhance a book is undeniable. It has the ability to add an extra dimension and give it deeper character. During the 2023 Campus Book Festival, visitors can experience this phenomenon first-hand through the display of a number of recently published books accompanied by a QR Code, allowing them to listen to musical excerpts related to the books.

‘Ħsejjes Letterarji’ (Literary Sounds) is an event that brings together two independent art forms: literature and music. Despite their differences, they share common characteristics such as their dependence on rhythm, their ability to transmit emotions, and their use of sounds and thoughts. Furthermore, these two art forms are known to influence each other, blurring the boundaries between them.

At the Festival, visitors can speculate on the choice of music connected to the novel and contemplate the connections between music and literature. For instance, why did the author choose Patty Pravo’s Non andare via for Tyrone Grima’s novel Frammenti? Or why did Trevor Zahra’s Vespri feature The Searchers’ Love Potion Number 9? Or Giovanni Lindo Ferretti’s Morire in Wayne Flask’s novel Kapitali? Visitors are also welcome to contest the chosen music and propose something they consider more fitting. For example, would Mahler fit better into Ġorġ Peresso’s novel Il-Wiċċ l-Ieħor, or in Toni Sant’s Varjetà?

Through this display, the general public will be able to observe how certain Maltese novels, poetry collections, and non-fiction literature incorporate music to the extent that entire playlists can be accessed through a single book.

The connection between music and literature will be further explored during the interview Frammenti Mużikali, moderated by Colin Fitz, the DJ of Campus FM, musician Noah Fabri, and the author of the novel Tyrone Grima. The public is also invited to attend and participate in Poetry Slam, organised by l-Għaqda tal-Malti, which blends poetry with performing arts, blurring the lines between literature and music, and highlighting the role of rhythm in words. Finally, on Friday 24 March at 4pm, literature and music will meet again through the event organised by the National Book Council and Inizjamed: Palk Ħieles.

The festival program can be accessed here, offering visitors a full schedule of events to attend.

Entrance to the 2023 Campus Book Festival is free. Opening hours are 9am-4pm on Wednesday 22 and Thursday 23, and 9am-7pm on Friday 24. For more details visit the Facebook page of NBC and the Kampus Kotba event page.

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