Luke Galea dialogues with the Poet Laureate Nadia Mifsud on Claudia Gauci’s Max-Xatt tat-Tamarisk (Kotba Calleja, 2022), the imagery this poetry collection evokes, the dialogues it provokes with the reader through all its titles presented as a question, and the way Gauci presents the woman.

Mifsud has published three poetry collections, a novel, Ir-rota daret dawra (kważi) sħiħa , Merlin Publishers, 2017), and a book of short stories, Żifna f’xifer irdum (Merlin Publishers, 2021), all of which bear out her recurring focus on the experience of womanhood, expressed in eloquent, but visceral, honesty. Her two poetry collections Kantuniera ’l Bogħod(Skarta, 2015) and Varjazzjonijiet tas-Skiet (Ede Books, 2021) were awarded the National Book Prize leading her to the title of Poet Laureate.



Books discussed in this episode:
Claudia Gauci, Max-Xatt tat-Tamarisk (Kotba Calleja, 2022)
Nadia Mifsud, Varjazzjonijiet tas-Skiet (Ede Books, 2022)

Michael Azzopardi, ‘Skrejjen’ 

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