The National Book Council (NBC) is excited to announce the commencement of its five-year strategy plan, spanning 2025-2030 and drafted in collaboration with business consultancy firm KPMG. This initiative will lay the groundwork for the future of NBC’s crucial role in the Maltese publishing industry, ensuring the growth and sustainability of its stakeholder base through comprehensive research, consultation and actionable targets.

Scheduled to be launched in the final quarter of 2024, the strategy document will be a first for the Maltese publishing industry, serving as an unprecedented, concrete roadmap for its future.

“The strategic development process will be inclusive, engaging a broad spectrum of stakeholders through surveys, consultations and public forums,” said National Book Council Executive Chairman Mark Camilleri. He explained that initial meetings with KPMG outlined the strategic framework, including the vision, mission, values and key pillars of the strategy. “This collaborative approach aims to ensure that the diverse voices within the industry are heard and considered,” Camilleri added.

By aligning with industry best practices, the NBC aims to address current challenges and leverage opportunities for growth. The strategy will focus on several key areas, including digital transformation, legal advocacy, transparent communication and continuous adaptation to market trends. 

Throughout the process, KPMG will work hand-in-hand with both the NBC and its stakeholders to analyze local and international trends in publishing. A public consultation period will follow, inviting further feedback to refine the strategy.

The NBC is also announcing its first initiative as part of the five-year strategy: a stakeholder survey that will inform subsequent workshop sessions. All industry stakeholders are encouraged to participate in this survey, which is being launched today 17 June and can be accessed online here. “The input of stakeholders is invaluable in creating a robust and inclusive strategy that reflects the needs and aspirations of our community,” Camilleri said. “By setting clear goals and implementing a structured approach, the NBC aims to support authors and publishers, enhance the overall ecosystem for the Maltese literary community, and promote reading” he added.

The deadline for participation in the survey is June 28, noon

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