In a significant milestone, the National Book Council has implemented an official Retention Policy with the National Archives of Malta, ensuring that key documents pertaining to the Council are now made available to the public.

Formally endorsed during a visit to the Archives by representatives of the National Book Council on 13 November 2023, the policy aims at preserving and safeguarding crucial records related to the history of the National Book Council.

The move comes in the wake of in-depth discussions and cooperation between both entities, as aided by the Ministry for Education, resulting in the authorization of a comprehensive retention schedule.

The implementation of this retention policy underscores the commitment of both organisations to ensure the proper appraisal and preservation of records created and managed by the National Book Council. This initiative serves to guarantee that records of enduring historical value will be duly transferred to the National Archives for permanent preservation.

During the visit to the Archives to formalise the policy, National Book Council Executive Chairman Mark Camilleri referred to the development as an “historic moment”. “For the first time, through this agreement with the National Archives, very important documents related to the National Book Prize or the International Book Fair — as The Malta Book Festival was referred to in the 1980s — will be preserved for public consumption,” Camilleri added.

To uphold the integrity and relevance of this retention policy, it will undergo periodic reviews, at a minimum of once every five years from the date of issue.

These reviews will assess the continued suitability of all processes and documentation categories, particularly in light of any procedural or legal changes. Furthermore, this policy supersedes any previous retention policies that may have been in effect for the same records.

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