Following the success of the National Writers’ Congress held on 29 May 2021, the National Book Council has presented the draft National Book Council Act to the Minister of Education, Hon. Justyne Caruana, with the electoral provisions as approved by the Congress.

Work on the law had begun as early as the first National Writers’ Congress in September 2019 which eventually led to the formulation of the National Book Council Act and the Copyright Reform Act.

The strong vote in favour of democratic elections for the National Book Council Board members and its Chair illustrates the clear determination of authors to conserve the National Book Council as an autonomous entity and officially inscribe this autonomy officially by Act of Parliament. Along with the Copyright Reform Act, the Acts contain related provisions which make them compliant with the latest EU Directives and standards.

The National Book Council is now formally asking the Minister of Education to enter in talks to discuss this law and seek the Minister’s approval. We are looking forward to discussions with the Government in order to ensure the most positive outcome from this process. 

The draft National Book Council Act can be read here.

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