With great sorrow the National Book Council mourns the passing of publisher and photographer Zvezdan Reljić. Reljić was the founder and director of the publishing house Ede Books, known for its innovative publications and formats, and which has published a number National Book Prize winners, including Loranne Vella’s recent novel Marta Marta (2022).

Reljić’s interest and many years of experience in photography, print-making and publishing converged on the book project Wiċċna (2018), which includes more than 220 hand-printed portraits of Maltese residents and accompanied by aesthetic and literary reflections on identity, physiognomy and photography.

In recent years he has also founded the cooperative Kixott, which hosts a bookshop and a cultural space for literary and artistic activities.

Reljić’s son, Teodor, is an employee of the National Book Council. We send our heartfelt condolences to the family and relatives in these difficult times.

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