Open Call: 2023 Malta Book Festival Promotional Video

The National Book Council (NBC) and the Malta Community of Illustrators (MCOI) are excited to announce an open call for a digital animator/motion designer to create a captivating promotional video for the 2023 Malta Book Festival (MBF) based on the illustrations by Moira Scicluna Zahra.

The video will explore the theme of this year’s Festival: #beyondbooks, and the multi-platform, cross-media opportunities that literature makes possible, showcasing its relationship with music, theatre, cinema and illustration. This is an excellent opportunity to be part of Malta biggest festival dedicated to books and the publishing industry.

A number of the illustrations that will feed the final poster (to be presented publicly on 5 September) are being made available to applicants, except for the 4 main characters (representing music, theatre, cinema and illustration), and the full composition of the poster. The illustrations package/moodboard therefore includes books illustrations that represent each of the main characters, a series of patterns relating to each of the main characters, the typeface, and images that have served Moira Scicluna Zahra as inspiration when conceiving the illustrations.

The illustrations available to applicants have been the first elements released as part of the 2023 Malta Book Festival campaign, and will be followed by a character reveal in four main teaser posts in the coming months. The chosen applicant will have access to all of the elements of the poster, including the main characters.


How to Apply

If you are a digital animator or motion designer interested in this exciting opportunity, please submit the following materials via this form.

1. Your portfolio showcasing relevant work and demonstrating your skills in animation and motion design.
2. Your proposal: a description of your approach to this project and how you plan to bring the concept to life. **
3. A proposed timeline for the completion of the promotional video within the 4-6 weeks allocated.
4. Your contact information (name, email, phone number).


** Structuring Your Proposal

When submitting your proposal, please structure it according to the following key elements:

1. Introduction: Introduce yourself and provide a brief overview of your experience in digital animation and motion design.

2. Approach: Share your creative approach and vision for the promotional video, keeping in mind the theme of the Malta Book Festival 2023 and the concept of #beyondbooks. The illustrations of the Festival campaign are by Moira Scicluna Zahra. This is her message to you: “My inspiration for this year’s artwork was based on French comics and Midcentury illustration so we’re looking for an animation that is cool, witty and sophisticated.”

3. The proposal should include at least three scenes – starting, for example, with the book illustrations that represent each character. The book illustrations could lead to the individual characters, thus focusing on each individual medium on its own. The last scene could feature the whole poster.

4. Timeline: Outline your proposed work plan for completing the project within the deadline.

5. Portfolio: Showcase relevant examples from your portfolio that highlight your skills and expertise.

6. A minimal script for the promotional video would be appreciated. The script should be concise and highlight the Festival’s main message.


What We Are Looking For

Video length: 30-35 seconds max. and an additional shorter jingle of 5-7 seconds

Type: Visually-led animation

Use: Online (mp4) and potentially broadcast on TV, as well as prerolls on online portals

Language: Maltese, with English subtitles

Script: Minimal (a few speech bubbles / supers)

Further information about the 2023 Malta Book Festival (18-22 October ) can be found on  The hashtags for the Festival are: ‘#beyondbooks’ – ‘#kotbakitbauaktar’


Important Dates

–   Open Call announcement: 6 June
–   Deadline to submit your application and proposal: 20 June
–   Appointment of winning applicant: 12 July
–   Video Delivery Deadline: 4-6 weeks from the announcement of the results and receiving all relevant information, full brief and artwork – to be discussed with the selected applicant.
–   Publication of the Festival programme and promotional video: 12 September


Selection Process

The selection process will be based on skill, storytelling ability and how well the proposal fits this year’s Festival theme. Your work will be judged according to these three criteria:

–   Idea and context
–   Skill and technique
–   Creativity and innovation



The all-inclusive Digital Animator/Motion Designer fee for both videos will be €3,000 excl. VAT. It includes the cost of creating a video of 30-35 seconds maximum, plus an additional shorter jingle of 5-7 seconds video with sound loops. Fees are paid after the video is complete and delivered. Animators must submit an invoice for their fees and possess a VAT number.

We encourage applicants to review the provided information thoroughly and align their proposals with the festival’s goals and style, as well as the project timeline/scope of work and budget.

For any inquiries or clarification regarding the open call, please contact

Join us in celebrating the power of literature and its diverse connections to other media at the 2023 Malta Book Festival. Your animation could be the perfect medium to inspire, educate and ignite the imagination of our festival attendees.

We look forward to receiving your proposals!

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