You can catch her strolling through the bookstands, and you can also try to call her by her name, but she’ll always do as she pleases and will only join you if she wants to! Meet ‘Ċiċi L-Ispettatriċi’, the third of four captivating characters featured in this year’s Malta Book Festival poster!

Ċiċi is a curious cat who finds delight in the transformation of written tales into captivating spectacles, embodying the essence of a viewer who finds joy in experiencing books come to life through various visual mediums like cinema, television, and performing arts. Have you ever read a book, then watched its movie adaptation, and thought about how the literary experience is reshaped in other mediums? Or perhaps it was the other way around – you first saw the movie, then read the book, enriching your experience?

Thanks to a varied programme of events, visitors to the Malta Book Festival will be able to attend activities which appeal to their tastes. Whether it’s films or dramatic performances inspired by books, our programme will bring you events that breathe life into the printed word.

Just like every edition, shows for school children are being adapted from a number of National Book Prize winning stories, making spectators out of the students, and who knows, perhaps Ċiċi could be seen among them admiring the show!

This year the Festival will be celebrating the transformative effects of literature, be it read or written, as embodied in Ray il-Qarrej and Filip il-Kittieb, but also when it is woven in harmony with other artistic forms, as manifested in Ċiċi l-Ispettatriċi and our last upcoming character.

Be like Ċiċi then, and quench your curiosity at the 2023 Malta Book Festival. The Festival is being held between Wednesday 18 and Sunday 22 October at the Malta Fairs and Conventions Center (MFCC), Ta’ Qali.

For the latest updates on the Malta Book Festival, please follow the NBC website, and the NBC Facebook page and Malta Book Festival 2023 Facebook page.

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