The National Book Council (NBC) is pleased to announce the dates of the 2022 Malta Book Festival, which is going to be held between Wednesday 23 and Sunday 27 November at the Malta Fairs and Convention Centre (MFCC), Ta’ Qali. Applications for exhibitors wishing to participate in this year’s edition of the Malta Book Festival are now open.

The application form for exhibitors, with updated rules, regulations, prices and provisions, is open to all local and international publishers, book distributors, bookshops and literary agencies. NGOs and public entities whose field of activity includes the publication of books or the promotion of literature are also eligible to apply. Self-published authors are once again invited to apply and benefit from a better integrated presence at this year’s Festival. The deadline for applications from exhibitors is Friday 24 June 2022, with a shorter application window to allow improved organization and logistics.

Returning to the Malta Fairs and Convention Centre (MFCC), Malta’s largest international conference and exhibition venue, the bigger 2022 edition of the Malta Book Festival will cater to the logistical requirements of Festival stakeholders and visitors alike, including full accessibility and parking availability. Furthermore, we are offering an updated set of stand options, including the possibility to fully or partially customize the stand to every exhibitor’s needs.

Interested participants are urged to apply early and submit, as part of their with their application, a list of the event slots (if any) they would like to see included in the Festival’s cultural programme, with the full details and event descriptions to be sent as usual by 31 August. Exhibitors are reminded that early applications may be given preference in the programme of events and are encouraged to peruse all terms and conditions before applying. 

Applications can be filled online through the National Book Council website or sent in by post. The fee payment for respective stand options will be due by 20 September 2022.

As a consequence to the current increase in costs across many industries and affecting stand materials and other costs such as shipping, the price for the stand build per square metre has increased, as has the overall Festival spend. However, all stand fees are reduced by the National Book Council with a 75 per cent subsidy in a bid to support and reduce any financial burden to prospective exhibitors, also given the recent dramatic increase in paper costs that is seriously impacting revenues. 

Furthermore, the National Book Council is once again offering exhibitors the opportunity to request a full or partial (50% minimum) refund on the Malta Book Festival application fee if they register for the Exhibitors’ Media Refund Scheme and promote the Malta Book Festival, their events, books and/or participation at the Festival to a wider audience through the advertising and promotion in the local press or social media (only with paid Facebook ad campaigns or post boosts that can be verified have an invoice/receipt attached to them). Refunds are provided against the presentation of official invoice/receipt and proof of the advertisement. 

Applications can be submitted as an online form or by printing the application in .pdf format and sending it by post to the address below by Friday 24 June 2022.

MBF 2022
National Book Council
Kumpless Bice Mizzi Vassallo
Triq Arnhem
Pembroke PBK1776

Follow our website and Facebook page for further updates about the 2022 Malta Book Festival. If you have any queries regarding eligibility for participation contact Matthew Borg ( or Andrew Ricca (

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