After a two year absence from in-person gatherings, the National Book Council (NBC) joined more than 150 national agencies for the 2022 ISBN Annual General Meeting, held between 7-9 September at the National Library of Norway in Oslo. On behalf of the NBC, the Meeting was attended by Mr Mark Camilleri, Executive Chairperson of the National Book Council, and Mr Michael Mercieca, ISBN Manager.

During the 2022 Annual Meeting national agencies discussed current issues relating to the ISBN including the major increase in self-publications and electronic format of publications, best practices in issuing ISBNs, new ways of information and research activity through a new coding system (RaiD) and whether the use of ISBN should become a legal obligation in the interest of gathering precise data about the number of publications.

Meeting outcomes have shown that the average number of ISBNs issued in Malta is in line with the majority of delegations present for the Conference. As of this current year Malta will be applying for the use of the ISMN manager, which facilitates search of information on new musical scores and publications; the Annual General Meeting of the ISMN (International Standard Music Number) Conference was held on Friday 9 September at the same venue.

The ISBN Annual General Meeting is organised by the International ISBN Agency and provides an opportunity for exchange of information among national ISBN agencies and foreign delegates about their work and publishing. 

The 2023 ISBN/ISMN Annual General Meeting will be held at Rabat, Morocco between 11 and 13 September. 

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